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The Easter Rising of 1916 Essay example

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Irish citizens took upon themselves the responsibility of overthrowing the British Government in Ireland during the “Easter Rising of 1916”, which was the result of centuries of rights violations against the Irish by the British. Oppression of the Irish began in A.D. 1367 with the Statute of Kilkenny, which restricted the traditions of the Irish and placed them under the authority of the English in Ireland. (Hardiman) Oppression of the Irish was expanded in the late 1600s and early 1700s with a series of penal laws. These laws were directed at “Papists” or Irish Catholics, and restricted everything from education to the right to own weapons. (
The Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) was formed in the mid 1800s to press the British out of Ireland. Their actions included an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the London Bridge on December 13, 1884. At the start of World War I, the IRB decided to attempt an uprising in Dublin. Originally the uprising was planned as a distraction to allow German support to land in Ireland. The Germans sent arms to the Irish in early 1916, but the British intercepted the boat, ending German involvement. ( The failed German support delayed the Rising from Easter Sunday to the following monday.
The Easter Rising began on the morning of April 24, 1916. The rebellion opened with rebels seizing several buildings including the Dublin General Post Office which was used as headquarters for the rebels. An official report made by General John Maxwell of the British army describes the guerrilla warfare used by the insurgents; “mixing with peaceful citizens made it almost impossible for the troops to distinguish between friend and foe until fire was opened. In many cases troops ha...

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...brary of Ireland. I used this for background of the events during and after the Easter Rising.

Pašeta, Senia. Before the revolution: nationalism, social change, and Ireland's Catholic elite, 1879-1922. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press, 1999. Print.
This book gives examples of discrimination against the Irish and events leading to the revolution in the 1920s including the Easter Rising. I used this document to find examples of Irish discrimination.

McCarthy, Mark. Ireland's 1916 rising: explorations of history-making, commemoration & heritage in modern times. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2012. Print.
This book is a record of celebrations of the original Easter Rising, but it also has a description of the rising and many quotes from the members of the IRB. I used this document as background and to find quotes from the members of the IRB that demonstrate

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