East Timor: Budding New Nation or Future Oil Filed for the Civilized World

East Timor: Budding New Nation or Future Oil Filed for the Civilized World

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Driving a car, heating your home, flying in an airplane, or maintaining a high standard of living: all of these daily conveniences have come from modern advancements in the petroleum industry. For the western world, the use of petroleum is an everyday fact of life, but where does all of that oil and natural gas come from? For modern countries including the United States, much of its oil is imported from many different sources across the globe. Many small countries, located in places such as the Middle East, have centered their economy on producing this oil for the larger wealthier nations.
For the newly independent nation of East Timor, the petroleum industry has already found a foothold. For other countries, the discovery of oil and natural gas reserves has lead to turmoil within their nations. This turmoil has been fueled by issues such as economic poverty caused by corrupt government practices as well as greedy private sectors that exploit the nation’s valuable resources for personal gain. So the main question stands, can the youngest nation of the twenty-first century become a successful independent nation, or will it follow the steps of so many others and fall into the iron clad grip of the oil industry?
The small island nation of East Timor has had a very turmoil filled past. Political unrest began as early as the 16th century. In 1916 the island was split and colonized by Portugal and the Netherlands. These two countries dominated Timor up until 1975 when Portugal completely cut all ties with Timor. Within days of Portugal’s departure and the Timorese newfound independence, Indonesia invaded East Timor. (…) Indonesia crushed the new nation using its superior size and military might, and took control of the small island...

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...d and educate its people.
East Timor stands on a precarious perch. Like many other nations that have come before it, the small island country stands on the slippery slope of petroleum production. The world has seen many countries fall victim to this industry that can sap all of a nation’s wealth and halt all development outside the oil industry. In the future, both East Timor and nations interested in it will shape the new standard of living for the small country. So the question still remains, will East Timor blossom into a vibrant new metropolis, or will it fall prey to the never-ending demand for oil?

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