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East St. Louis ' Life On The Mississippi Essay

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1. East St. Louis (Life on the Mississippi)
-Explain the statement that in East St. Louis, the city is organized for adults and NOT children.

Overall, safety and poverty seem to be the main issues for children in the city of East St. Louis. Many of the families are said to live on less than 7,500$ a year and the city is basically described as a dump. With a lack of public services such as trach pick-up residents are forced to place their trash all over the city. Raw sewage is a big problem and even flows onto the playground for the children.
Not only is safety itself an issue, children are not made a priority which leads to the city more appealing to adults rather than children which is ironic seeing as though the city’s public education system is its leading employer. Many of the schools are in shambles and near plants that emit toxins. The text states that there is a movie theater downtown but only shows pornography and no children’s movies. In order to improve the city’s economy it seems that putting a priority on the schools and children would be highly beneficial.

2. Other People’s Children – N. Lawndale and South side of Chicago
-How do you explain that children are viewed as raw materials for industry (p. 75)

The text states that children in this area are given early testing to decide their course of study. It’s almost as if they are not given a chance and doomed from the beginning. If students are deemed incompetent they are placed in skill based courses that will help them excel in various industries as opposed to the general academic track that many students go down. Furthermore, the text says that this is done because it is more cost effective to send students down this route rather than waste their time failing a d...

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...receive less funding. However, the poor districts are required to pay the same tax rate that the wealthier districts pay but are unable to properly fund their schools whereas the wealthier districts are comfortably able to fund their schools and are much less affected by the tax rate compared to their lower-income counterparts.
The Foundations Program was created to give freedom to districts to fund their own schools. The thought behind this program was that if a district wants to improve its schools, it can fund them itself rather than rely on the state. The problem is, while this program worked fine for wealthier districts, the poorer districts still lacked the proper funding to improve these schools. A way to fix this issue could be for all districts to work together and create partnerships in order to create one big fund to aid all schools in said districts.

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