Essay about East Side Gallery: The Right to Keep it Standing

Essay about East Side Gallery: The Right to Keep it Standing

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Imagine visiting your relatives graves in Europe. Imagine feeling excited to go and see some of your family history. Imagine going up to your relatives headstone and thinking that you will see their names, and dates written on it. Unfortunately, that is not the case, because when you get there, the headstone is broken and is laying all over the leaves and dirt across the grave, shattered into pieces. You think about all the memories you had with them, when they were alive, and you can’t help but wonder ‘’why would someone ruin a person’s legacy and a piece of history like that?’’ The standing remainder of the Berlin Wall is just like that. There are many people whose history will be lost if the East Side Gallery is torn down. All those memories and honorable people will soon be forgotten if that lasting reminder of the Berlin Wall, which is three-fourths of a mile, is removed for some luxury condos.
Before the chaos started with the building the Berlin Wall, the East Side of Berlin and the West were already separated with violence and disagreement. In 1948, Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader, instituted the Berlin Blockade, which prevented food and other goods from reaching West Berlin. Obviously, West Berlin and East Berlin starting fighting even more, because of the blockade. Stalin did this because he wanted to "starve off " West Berlin; then, doing that he hoped that West Berlin would come back with and " get along " East Berlin. During the blockade, countries provided West Berlin with goods, including the United States, France, Canada, Australia, Britain, and other countries. Finally, in May of 1949, Stalin lifted the blockade. Because West Berlin was developing into a capitalistic country, along with having a social market e...

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I used this source because it explains the history of the Berlin Wall in full detail.

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I used this source because it gives me information strictly on the East Side Gallery, particularly the art, and extra history about the gallery.

''10 Top Tourist Attractions in Berlin''." N.p., 23 Oct. 2013. Web. 13 Feb 2014. .
I used this source because it tells me the where tourists like to visit when they do go to Berlin.

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