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East Africa Food Crisis Essay

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Lessons can be taught to help prevent future disasters and save lives: respond during the early symptoms (Canada para 1). Ever since late 2010, the horn of Eastern Africa has had to deal with a major food crisis (Loewenberg 17). The food crisis began with a drought which lead to very little food and water sources (Martin 23). Somalia people fled to Kenya and Djibouti; for that reason, the refugee camps became crowded, unsanitary, and lead to many deaths (Martin 23). Thousands of unnecessary deaths occurred and millions of wasted dollars were spent because the world failed to take action on the early warnings of the aforementioned food crisis (Canada para 1). Countless children and pregnant women have no food and very little water because the responses are coming in, in small quantities and very late (Loewenberg 17). What began as a small food crisis is becoming famine across Africa (Loewenberg 17). Several wealthy donors have responded by sending some relief packages to the region; nevertheless, there is just simply not enough action being taken (Loewenberg 17). People would not want their family to be in these situations and have to be worried about surviving and living from day to day, yet the world lets these innocent people suffer (Martin 22). One is usually against other countries helping each other; however, in this situation the death of children and many families are on the line. The world needs to come together to stop the major food crisis in East Africa.
Although the food and resources sent to East Africa were late, they can still make a huge difference and help end this food crisis (Loewenberg 17). For instance, China had sent rice, wheat, flour, and cooking oils to help end the food crisis; furthermore, China has help...

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