The Easiest Part Of Working On A Team Essays

The Easiest Part Of Working On A Team Essays

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The easiest part of working on a team was the teamwork. The phrase “two heads are better than one,” played a key role all throughout this project. Having five minds set on a specific goal, you have more access to ideas. Looking at everyone’s perspectives can expand the likelihood of quality innovation. Our team created an environment of support, and boosted each other’s confidence, allowing us to do our best possible work. Having teamwork allows everyone’s talents to be brought to the table. All of my team members had weaknesses and strengths. My weakness is that I am terrible at organizing information into separate sections. Working together we provided the perfect environment for organization. The more we worked together, the more we learned as individuals to be able to step away and become better nurses in the field. From working in this team, I know I will be able to have better communication and respectful relationships among my fellow nurses and employees.
The most difficult part of working on the team is that myself and the other members always had to be reminded that there is “no ‘I’ in team.” Having too many ideas sometimes can be hard. My team members became unwilling to open their minds to other perspectives. This created conflicts, hampered innovation, and deferred my team from implementing and meeting our goals. We lost the potential to boost each other to our full potential. It made some members feel mediocre and unimportant. By feeling this way, I noticed that a few of us started to contribute less and not care about this project. Then everyone noticed how much each person was or was not contributing, and that became the focus of our attention. I know at times I would take charge, only because I saw how much the o...

... middle of paper ... getting frustrated. Until one day I got a response. I knew I achieved my goal for my team. Stewardship is also important to team work, to never take for granted the resources we are given for a project. At first, I hated using the Healthy People 2020 website, because I did not think it was helpful. But, in the end it became our best source as a team.
Service is the Core Value that I need to strengthen, as I become a nurse. As a nurse you are not only caring for one patient but for a few, and you always have to put them first. I need to improve on service. I sometimes get so caught up in a moment that I do not even realize that I may not have respected the other people involved. That is not a good quality for a nurse caring for her patients. I can improve this by showing compassion and love towards the patients and give them the respect and courtesy they deserve.

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