The Earth's Need for Population Limitation Laws Essay

The Earth's Need for Population Limitation Laws Essay

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Earth’s population is increasing, and areas which are already home to millions are continuing to expand. As these cities continue to grow, when the population reaches a certain point it is referred to as a megacity, a megacity is a metropolitan area with a total population of 10 million plus. These megacities are so large that they are becoming out of control settlements, cities like Los Angeles and Tokyo are being forced to expand upwards due to having to accommodate for the thriving population. These cities are also faced with the issue of not having enough resources such as food and water to support the demand required. With megacities rampant growth with it bring a decline in the quality of life, to prevent this from getting worse laws are needed to be placed which is able to limit the population and physical boundaries.

It is evident through statics and data that megacities populations are increasing at a rapid rate and is getting to the stage where they are becoming out of control settlements. As cities begin to expand additional megacities are being produced or are continuing to grow meaning that the cities in which people are living in are evolving geographically outwards, upwards and in density. Megacities are agglomerations which are home more than ten million people with a range of density housing, sprawling estates and slums (Air Pollution, N/A). In order to maintain these dense areas, huge resources and work are required to ensure that services are being delivered. By living in a megacity it is obvious due to the large population in one area that there are huge demands on natural resources like water and food produce. The areas in which megacities are expanding are not big enough to provide sufficient resources to ...

... middle of paper ... cities and areas to live in. Governments may have to take into consideration, of possibly decentralizing public services to other regions or encouraging private business to relocate to other regions. This will allow mega cities to limit their population size and grow and expand to other more unpopulated areas.

Megacities are becoming an issue right across the world, some settlements like toyko are home to more that 37million people. With such a high population living in such a dense area with it brings a decline in the quality of life. There is the problem of the high amount of personal transport being used which is pollution the earth’s atmosphere as the issue of not having enough resources like food and water to support the demand required. By having national laws put in place, governments and councils are able to limit the population and physical boundaries.

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