Earth 's Structure And Plate Tectonics Essay

Earth 's Structure And Plate Tectonics Essay

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Chapter 3 is about Earth’s structure and plate tectonics. Earth’s interior is consists of four layers inner and outer core, mantle, and Earth’s crust. Each layer is thicker than the layer above. Millions of years ago Earth was as one continent, but eventually the continents have spread out from each other. Continents are floating in the ocean and constantly moving towards or away from one another. The movement of continents is due to plate tectonics about 1-15 centimeters a year. Different plates move at a different rate. There are about a dozen of tectonic plates on the Earth. The plates have converged, diverged, and slipped past one another since Earth’s crust first solidified and cooled, driven by slow, heat-generated currents rising and falling in the asthenosphere. The earthquakes are common along the crest of a mid-ocean ridge because of frequent volcanic activity, where magma pushes out from asthenosphere and thus creating newest crust. The two plates are spreading from center creating divergence, and tension type of stress. Also, earthquakes are common in the “transform fault” because the adjacent sections move in opposite directions, creating shearing type of stress. Earthquakes rarely occur along inactive fracture zones because, the adjacent sections in this zone move in the same direction thus creating less stress.

Chapter 4 is about seabed features, and the process of plate movement. The continents are old but the ocean floors are young do to volcanic activity from the ocean ridges. It is was difficult and complicated process for oceanographers and geologists to find about the shape of seabed. Seafloor features result from a combination of tectonic activity and the processes of erosion and deposition. Guyots are the ...

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...s are calm and have sea creatures just enjoying their passive life. However, oceanic ridges, volcanic activity, earthquakes due to subduction and collision of oceanic plates is something spectacular and breathtaking! Also, it is amazing how beautiful islands like Hawaii were formed from volcanic activity above the hot spots and how these islands are in a chain due to plate movement.

1. Is the Puget Sound area at risk of going underwater (below the sea level) in case of severe earthquake? If so, in how many years this catastrophe will happen?
2. If mountain Rainer erupts, what may be the consequences for Seattle area?
3. What are the features of the Mariana trench? What are some interesting sea creatures that inhabit Mariana trench?
4. Let’s say in a thousand of years, where will the continents be located in the ocean due to plate tectonics and continental movement?

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