The Earth 's Climate Is Changing And Becoming Hotter Essay

The Earth 's Climate Is Changing And Becoming Hotter Essay

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The earth’s climate is changing and becoming hotter. This is a fact that many scientists have proven. The earth 's temperature has risen by .7 degrees in the past century. This is 10 times faster than the normal ice age recovery speed. The temperature is expected to rise another two to six degrees within the next century. This is because of the increase of carbon dioxide emissions by the burning of fossil fuels. This raises the temperature by trapping the heat radiated off the surface from the sun. This will lead to the polar ice caps melting which will raise the sea level. Since the majority of the earth’s population lives along the coast, many people will lose their homes. “Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. And experts see the trend is accelerating. All but one of the 16 hottest years in NASA’s 134-year record have occurred since 2000” (Global Warming 101). A lot of things need to be done if we want to save the earth. Things we can do to reverse these effects are to use hydrogen cars, solar power, and wind power.
The next step in reducing the global CO2 emissions are hydrogen cars. These cars use hydrogen as a fuel to power an electric motor. It does this by combining the hydrogen and oxygen to produce and electric current. This current powers the electric motor. The only thing it emits is water and heat. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas and is know to be a big player in global warming. But the reason the earth got warmer was because of Carbon dioxide. And because the earth got warmer, more water vapor is in the atmosphere. So if we greatly reduce carbon dioxide, slowly the water vapor in the atmosphere will go down, lowering the temperature. Hydrogen ca...

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.... This gear is connected to a much smaller gear that spins much faster which powers the generator to make electricity. Wind energy is becoming more and more popular. In California, there wind farms have offset carbon emissions by 2.5 billion pounds. This would take 90 to 175 million trees to take this much carbon dioxide out of the air. Kits start around $1,000. Wind energy is an affordable way to start saving money on electric bills and reduce your fossil fuel dependence.
The carbon dioxide problem around the whole world keeps getting worse. With approximately 7,423,501,500 people in the world, we need a lot of energy. But the energy can be created without the burning of fossil fuels. Insted we can use hydrogen cars, solar power, and wind energy. It may take a lot of work and commitment, but if we want to save the earth from the problem we created, we have to do it.

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