Essay on The Earth Is Truly A Cosmic Miricacle

Essay on The Earth Is Truly A Cosmic Miricacle

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Since the beginning of human time man has long grappled with the idea of space and time. Where did we come from? Why are we here? But one question has presented itself to be extremely elusive and challenging in its nature. How does our world work and why does it work the way it does? Well The Earth is truly a cosmic miricacle. Perfectly placed in proportion to the sun, precisely the correct chemistry, and the gift of life. As we delve deeper into the makeup of the Earth we come across certain aspects that take 13 billion years in the making to explain. While the Earth is only 4 billion years old, we must turn to the beginning of our Solar System to understand the complexities, design, and make up of our beloved Earth.

Planet Earth has countless phenomena’s that are geologically happening everyday. The question of “What happens at convergent plate boundaries where oceanic lithosphere collides with continental lithosphere, and why does this happen?” can be answered using the science behind the creation of the Solar System. I theorize that because planet Earth underwent the Iron Catastrophe that specific gravity and density effect mineral assemblages, ultimately deciding their place in respected lithospheres. This difference in density and specific gravity causes subduction. Due to the physical make up of Rocks their minerals, elements, and atomic structures determine their overall density thus causing subduction at convergent plate boundaries.

Take a minute. Imagine the dark empty vacuum of space some 13 billion years ago. Our Solar System was just empty property on the galactic real estate front. One theory known as the “Big Bang Theroy” depicts a massive explosion of gas and particles. This explosion left beh...

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...mblage and density concludes that oceanic lithosphere is denser than continental lithosphere.

Laboratory Procedure

Goal- To find what happens at convergent plate boundaries when oceanic lithosphere collides with continental lithosphere.

1. Tie strings to rocks/minerals
2. Measure density
3. Measure density in water
4. Calculate specific gravity
5. Record Data

Things can be inaccurate if the user does not
• Balance correctly
• Fully submerge rock
• Incorrect calculations
• Miss readings of scale


Density is the key to understanding what happens at convergent plate boundaries. The sea floor is ultimately denser do to its mineral assemblage. The elements and rocks that make up this floor prove my thesis correct. Density is what drives the denser oceanic floor under the less dense continental lithosphere resulting in subduction and convection.

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