Essay on The Earth Is Only Planet On Which Life Exists

Essay on The Earth Is Only Planet On Which Life Exists

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The earth is only planet on which life exists. 7.125 billion people live in an area of 196.9 million sq. miles (510.1 million km²) “Google”. On that total area, water covers approximately about ¾ percent of the Earth 's surface. On remaining ¼ percent, deserts, forests, and mountains take about a half percent of that remaining land, on which permanent human settlement is almost impossible. Which means we have very less habitable lands. In that small piece of land we need habitat for all human beings, roads, schools, hospitals, agricultural fields, parks, and other basic things. If we divide rest of the remaining habitable land, we will have only small area of land per person. With above mentioned statistics and land distribution, It’s not that hard to believe, that the world is already overpopulated. If people doesn 't control the world population by now, in near future, the world will suffer from hunger problems, deforestation, jobless and economic crisis, spread diseases, and even possible for wars.
Without foods, people won 't survive for long. On that small piece of land, people don’t have enough space for agriculture. Because of global warming, sometime it won’t rain, and crop doesn’t grow. If the world population grows continuously at this rate, people will need more homes, colleges, land, and other facilities. People will be forced to give up on their agricultural land, to build something else. World is already dealing with hunger problem, every single day, thousands of children die on under-developing world. Because of the increase demand on food from rich people and the developed world, the price of food is so high that poor class family barely afford it. Natural disasters like flood and drought are destroying agricult...

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...ontrol, it doesn 't mean people should stop marrying or producing children, if they do so, than the world will see no human species in the coming century. All it means is to give birth to less children, one or two should be fine. Instead of having more children, and seeing them suffering them in hunger or pollution, having a less child and taking care of them nicely is a real pleasure. People need to have safe sex practice and sex education around the globe. Government should provide safe sex materials like pills and condom for publics.Everybody should be taught about family planning. If nothing work, than the government need to make strict rules on how many children each couple can have. All people live in the same world. If somebody have a problem, others have to deal with it too. Together people can reduce the world 's population within a generation. Let 's do it.

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