Earning Extra Money Can Make A Huge Impact On Your Finances Essay

Earning Extra Money Can Make A Huge Impact On Your Finances Essay

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Earning extra money can make a huge impact on your finances. You can get debt paid off faster or build up your emergency fund. Or even use the extra cash to do something fun, that you wouldn 't ' have been able to do. Luckily, there are a million ways to make money. When you open your mind to figuring out how to make extra money it 's truly endless.

Here are 45 ways to make extra money. I 've categorized them best I could, although some fit in more than one category. So check out the list and see if anything sparks a new side hustle for you.

Online Jobs You Can Do In Your Spare Time

These opportunities are like typical jobs, you sign up with a company and they assign you work that must be completed by their terms. Of course, you could also do most of these as a business if you want to go out and find your own customers. Maybe you already know someone who needs these services.

Medical Transcription

There is a pretty big market for transcription of all kinds, but medical transcription is it 's own beast. You can be trained to transcribe medical voice files online at many colleges but the price varies widely. I found two that offer it for about $550, Ashworth College and Penn Foster. But be sure to do your research and make sure you 're getting what you are looking for. Some employers will even provide their own training or cover the costs.

Most medical transcription jobs are work from home and there are full and part time options available.

At home customer service

Did you know that sometimes when you call a company the person you are talking to is at home? Pretty cool, huh. There are several companies you sign up with to have access to at home call center jobs. This is very much like a traditional job, as you will have a se...

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...t 's you) to those needing tasks. They can be in person or virtual.

Turn your hobby into a business

If you have a special skill you can certainly turn it into a little business. The options are truly endless. Some popular ones are:

Computer repair
Selling crafts
Graphic design
And the list goes on and on and on. Anything you enjoy doing is an option. I knew a guy who liked to do pig roasts in his backyard for his friends. They were so popular he started a catering business and only does pig roasts. Another guy liked to make pancakes so he started a pancake catering business. Pancakes! But it certainly doesn 't have to involve food. A good friend of mine hosts coloring parties. She provides the supplies and people pay $10 each to come over and color. Yes, these are adults. She makes a few hundred dollars a month having people over to color. True story.

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