Early Warning Signs Of Functional Illiteracy Essay example

Early Warning Signs Of Functional Illiteracy Essay example

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Baydar, Nazli et al. “Early Warning Signs of Functional Illiteracy: Predictors in Childhood and Adolescence.” Child Development, vol. 64, no. 3, 1993, pp. 815–829.
In the journal, “Early Warning Signs of Functional Illiteracy: Predictors in Childhood and Adolescence,” by Nazli Baydar, it compares the factors of childhood illiteracy, through a test taken fifteen years later, of babies birth by teen African American mothers. The children in the study, which includes 126 females and 125 males, were all born at the same hospital in Baltimore, between the years of 1966 and 1968. The data had been collected from years 1972, 1983-84, and 1987. The main factors measured in the study were the mother’s commitment to education, the environment the child lived in, the economic state of the family, the quality time with the mother, the child’s developmental level, and the concurrent education completion. The article stated that certain factors statistically contributed to the children performing better in school through young adulthood. Such factors were if the mother: did not have children soon after the first birth, remained married or married during early childhood, active in the child’s life, and was economically stable. Those factors that aided to future illiteracy were if the child did not: learn cognitive skills at home, perform well in preschool, progress through grade levels without repetition, and perform well in schooling during young adolescent years. Word count: 204
After reading the article, I can understand factors that contributed to my peer’s ability to excel or fail in school. The major factor of the child’s ability to succeed was primarily the responsibility of the mother. Before starting preschool child...

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...he lives of those young children who are in the beginning of their quest to finding who they are. The article concludes with validating that all reading is good reading, because it leads to continuous reading. Word count: 232
I agree with the article, because essentially the usage of books is for pleasure and learning. In order to gather the attention of a child, you must begin with something that they enjoy. The “Percy Jackson” series qualifies as pure pleasure and effective education, at their level. From there increased literary knowledge will form, which then leads to reading Shakespearean novels. But whether they chose to read Shakespeare’s novels or choose to remain in the realm of mythology, children are still reading, enjoying, and absorbing books. So ultimately the conclusion that all reading is good reading, then what does his’ books harm?
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