Essay on The Early Stages Of A Research Study

Essay on The Early Stages Of A Research Study

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When planning to have a research study conducted, there are several steps in the process that should be in the early stages of the study. The early stages of the study will typically have the common goal of establishing what the topic of the research is, what questions need to be , and how the research study will be conducted. When identifying what questions need to be , there is a common use of secondary questions that should be answered as well. Business research is a very common practice when operating in advertisement. Research studies in advertisement are important as they will allow companies to identify what the purpose of the advertisement is, who the advertisement is towards, and how to use the advertisement most effectively in general. Two research studies were conducted on advertising that show an accurate demonstration of how the early stages of a research study should be conducted.
In 2013, an experimental study was conducted by several professors at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management on the impact of food advertisements and how the behavior of eating habits are . The purpose of the study was to identify how three different types of food advertisements effected what the consumers ate as a result of the advertisements. The three different types of food were advertisements for healthy food, unhealthy food, and anti-obesity. The majority of the television advertisements effected what the consumers are as a result of the advertisements. During the early stages of the study, it was determined that the study would include 186 students. The students were each to be $15 and a $10 food voucher to be used to purchase items off of a menu that was prepared by the study group. The study would be in three stag...

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...ects during the study would remember brands in advertisements based on whether a celebrity or a spokesperson was used. In addition to celebrities, using the same techniques, the study was used to gauge the effectiveness of different types of music used in advertisements. During the study, a comparison of the effectiveness of original music, parody music, and popular music in advertising would be. The comparisons were demonstrated and analyzed to show which type of music was more memorable during the advertisement. The research study did not pose many variables. However, the accuracy of the study could have been hindered if there were limited celebrities or music that could be for the study. In addition, the use of celebrities or music should be chosen based on the type of audience that the advertisement is appealing to. (Tom, G, 1992)


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