Early Maturation And Late Maturation Essay examples

Early Maturation And Late Maturation Essay examples

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Maturity, I found the article on early maturation and late maturation very interesting. Early maturation for boys has its benefits and its negatives. Some of the benefits are boys tend to be more positive and self-confidence, which helps him to be more popular in school and more athletic. Some of the negatives on early maturation in boys, are they tend to have difficult times in school, end up getting into substance abuse, and be more involved in destructive behavior.
Early maturation for girls tends to be more negative, they feel more uncomfortable and different than their friends. They also seem to seek attention from older guys, which leads them into bad decision-making to try to please the older guy. On the positive side early maturation on a girl can have them feeling sexy and more attractive which gives them more confidence.
Late maturation also has its positives and negatives. For boys they feel less attractive because they are smaller and lighter. This leads to less likely gaining the attention of the opposite sex. On the positive note though boys who mature later seem to be creative and playful. It helps him to overcome the challenges of adolescents which helps him to be prepared more for adulthood. For girls who mature later, it is more positive than those who mature early. They may have been overlooked for dating, but it gives them more time to mature to date when they are truly ready to date mentally. The most negative for girls who mature later is they envoy those who mature earlier.
I have three children my oldest matured early, she gained a lot of attention from guys and jealousy of other girls. My middle daughter matured later and concentrated more on school has more confidence in herself. My ...

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