Early Information Technology Adoption Effects On Telemedicine Essays

Early Information Technology Adoption Effects On Telemedicine Essays

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Early information technology adoption effects on Telemedicine
Telemedicine uses the healthcare information technologies to deliver optimize patient care, therefore, the goals and the activities of the health information technology and the telemedicine are complementary and synergistic (ATA, 2006). The healthcare information system technologies affect the adoption of telemedicine solution in a positive way by allowing use of electronic tools and systems to deliver health services over distances. Grand hospital adopted the healthcare information systems such as electronic medical records (EMR), computerized physician order entry (CPOE), revenue management, radiology imaging via PACS, pharmacy management, laboratory management and patient registration (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). The Grand hospital has incorporated health information technology since 1995 (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). This early adoption of healthcare information system technologies greatly benefits the adoption of telemedicine at Grand’s hospital. The availability of technology at Grand hospital allows for easier adoption of telemedicine solutions. Healthcare providers can remotely access the labs, results, vitals, assessments and other patient information, and therefore, errors can be eliminated while using telemedicine.
Barriers, easiest and hardest transitions to Telemedicine
When physicians use telemedicine to consult patients in a different state, they might be responsible for additional exorbitant fee and to hold license in both states, which could be expensive, therefore it could create a barrier to telemedicine. A serious financial issue is insufficient capital funds and lack of reimbursement, insufficient staff, improper training, and resistant physician...

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... and training adequacy. There should also be a quality assurance and process improvement program in place for a successful telehealth implementation. The team that should be involved in the planning process should include the facility administrator, clinical director, chief information officer, physicians, specialists, nurses, and the director of information technology (Nelson & Staggers, 2014).
In conclusion, telemedicine has the potential to enhance healthcare delivery across space and time using technologies ranging from telephone to robotics. The key to a successful implementation of telemedicine in future is to view it as an integral part of health care system instead of a standalone project (LeRouge & Garfield, 2013). Regardless of many barriers such as licensure, standards, reimbursement, telemedicine has the potential to lower cost and speed up treatment.

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