Essay on Early Human Evolution Is Characterised By Speciation

Essay on Early Human Evolution Is Characterised By Speciation

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Early human evolution is characterised by speciation. The term speciation refers to “the formation of new and distinct species in the course of evolution”. Recently, experts in the field of evolution have given special emphasis to the new and most controversial issue of Homo floresiensis. Homo floresiensis (known as the Hobbit Man fand LB1) is the little bodied and an extinct species that was discovered from a fossil and simple stone tools in 2003 on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Scientists indicate that the fossil belongs to an adult female who have died around the age of 30 and extinct about 17,000 years ago. LB1 is remarkable for its small brain and body, and particularly for its survival until generally recent times. There is an ongoing debate regarding the position of these fossils on the human evolutionary tree. While some experts and scientists believe that the fossil should be classified as a new human species (Homo floresiensis) others express controversies. From my point of view, LB1 should be classified as a new hominin species as most of the physical features of are not seen in other hominin species, the jaws, teeth and skull is also abnormally small compared to modern humans. Having said that, the brain ratio and the wrist bones of the hobbit man is also very different to H. spines
LB1 should be classified as a new species as the majority of her physical features and characteristics are not seen in other hominin species (refer to figure 1). It was estimated that LB1 was about 3.5 feet tall (approximately 1 metre) with a brain as small as chimpanzees, approximately was 380 cubic centimetres (Human Origins, 2015). This recommends there was active selection for a small brain size, perhaps linked to the reduced ener...

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...than H. sapiens. It is proven that natural selection has effected them and resulted in a change in their diet. This then resulted in abnormally different jaws, teeth and skull shape compare to modern day human. Selection pressure is estimated to be their main cause of extinction as limited food sources will mean less energy and less offspring. The brain size and wrist bones are more similar to ancient hominin species rather than H. sapiens. Furthermore, the skull ratio of LB1 is far more similar than the modern human’s brain ration. The debatable dilemma regards the position of LB1 on the hominin evolutionary tree requires deeper and acute understanding of divergent evolution (practically divergent). Judge by the limited evidence (such as brain skull and wrist bones); however countless and valid research, LB1 should be classified as a new species, Homo floresiensis.

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