Early Development Of Children With And Without Disabilities Essay examples

Early Development Of Children With And Without Disabilities Essay examples

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Early experiences play an essential role on the development of children with and without disabilities (Ramey & Ramey, 2004 in Raver & Childress, 2015). Even if early intervention cannot eradicate the disabilities it can influence positively children’s development and diminish the difficulties that they face -due to the disability- during their interactions and daily activities (Raver & Childress, 2015). As Ramey & Ramey (2004) support the basis for the child’s learning development is built during the first five years. Therefore we can understand the importance that early intervention has during the first years of child’s life.
Family-Centered Approach
One of the basic principles in the philosophy of early intervention, according to the Part C of the IDEA is that the focus from the child is transferred to the family.
The ecological approach includes the ‘’triad of child, caregiver and service provider’’ but also takes into account the impacts of policy and infrastructure (Hebbeler , Spiker and Kahn, 2012 in Votava & Chiasson, 2015). As stated, in this approach an attempt is made to enhance the child and family relationship, the family’s resources and the family’s social supports. Therefore, as infants and toddlers development is achieved through the context of family, early intervention is characterized as family-centered. Also, when providers of services coach and collaborate with families through meeting of their selected outcomes, families feel better equipped and confident to participate and help efficiently their child (Raver & Childress, 2015).
Furthermore, family systems theory has posed an impact on the philosophy of early intervention. According to this theory, family is a system that each member interacts with the oth...

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...ique the Individualized Family Service Plan should be developed differently. Service coordinators and providers should keep in mind that families have the basic role and therefore they should assure that the family participates during the Individualized Family Service Plan process (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, First Steps website).
The outcomes of this plan should not be distinguished in specific therapy goals and should be written in words that are comprehensible for all team members, including parents. Moreover the family should be capable of measuring child’s progress in order to be able to provide information to the service provider and understand whether a specific method is cogent or not. Lastly, special occasions for the family could also included in the Individualized Family Service Plan (Shelden & Rush, 2013).
Collaborative team process

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