Early Childhood Intervention : Children And Families For Their Future Essay

Early Childhood Intervention : Children And Families For Their Future Essay

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Journal Article Review
Early Childhood Intervention: A Promise to Children and Families for Their Future
Early childhood intervention is a state wide program for families with children who have disabilities and development delays. Under the Individuals With disabilities Education Program Act (IDEA), this service provides free evaluations and assessments to families, to determine eligibility and need for services. Families and professionals work as a team to plan appropriate services based on the unique needs of the child and family. Early childhood intervention staff goes to the home of the child and focuses on working with the child and family effectively in their expected environment, such as at home with siblings and parents, grandmother or other caregiver, or a child care center. Basically, it 's where children live, learn and play.
The journal article provided a clear picture on how early childhood intervention provide service and who are classified as eligible for the service. The intent of the program is to shape and influence the child’s pro social interactions with people and matters. The author stated that more than 50 years of research has been done to test the effectiveness of early childhood intervention program. This is the reason why the program is still popular to a group of people living under the poverty level. This journal offer its readers information about early childhood intervention and how can a family avail or take advantage of this program especially for low income families. Infants and young children usually learn and develop in the context of the people who care and support them. This is the reason why an early intervention service is also available to caregivers. Educating parents and other careg...

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...e they have provided. Some states struggle to meet the needs of growing population of children with disability due to lack of funding. Professionals in this field must also enhance their education by continuing their education and continuously conduct research studies. The program effectiveness should always be tested and data collected from parents and caregivers needs to be carefully examined. By doing this, we can make sure children with disability are getting the proper tools for better development.
Applying counseling to a client participating in a program such as early childhood intervention can benefit the therapist and the client together. I would suggest to the parents or caregiver to continue with the program. The state should continue to train teachers and other professionals in the field of early childhood development to gain more techniques and skills.

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