Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

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Scholars in the field such as Dahlberg & Moss approaches education from the early childhood education position. They say that the children as well as the parents are presented with new opportunities when the child has an early education. They also proved that children with higher education are less likely to get in trouble. They are the ones who live a successful (Dahlberg & Moss, 2005). Tandberg & Griffith took an approach to education on the higher education level, and their research proved that the higher your education, the more you go up in society. Higher education provides a person with the opportunity for personal development and higher mobility. Economic stimulation and an educated workforce are states in which higher education delivers. Higher education plays a major role in the decision of one’s future (Tandberg & Griffith , 2013). Evans, Kelley, Sikora, and Treiman research also argues that education is the key to a good job and income. They say that books and reading inside of the home is a way to increase academic achievement. The larger the home library, the better children are to do on standardized test because it generates skills and knowledge. In a sample experiment, it was concluded that a child with a home library is likely to get two or three years more education than those children without a home library. Therefore as a conclusion, they concluded that education is important but it starts within the home (Evans, Kelley, Sikora, & Treiman, 2010).
However, Scholars Dahlberg and Moss also argues that one risk to educating our kids at an early age is that it can lead to kids being deprived of a childhood. It is said that early childhood education inducts a thought into kids’ minds to be the future solution to current problems. They say the question should be: What are the possibilities for educating our kids’ and young people at a young age? There are more ways for them to learn rather than trying to force it in them at an early age. There are consequences that follow educating our kids at an early age, some positive and some negative (Dahlberg & Moss, 2005). Scholar Peter Henry addressed us by discussing a case against standardized testing. He states that at the rate that standardize tests are rising means that less teachers are well prepped in the understanding of the test. For many people, it is said that standardized testing reveals the truth about what is being taught within the classroom.

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In this section of the book, Mrs. Clinton explains to us how she was asked by her husband, Bill Clinton, to chair an Education Standards Committee to recommend reforms. However, Mrs. Clinton did not think this was a good idea. During this time, they discussed improving the schools which would require an increase in taxes. The committee which consisted of 15 members recommended that the students take standardize tests including one before they could graduate 8th grade. They questioned,” How can we expect a child to deliver on national level when they do not have a teacher teaching them on the level they need to be taught on. What if the teacher fell short”? Mrs. Clinton begged before an Arkansas Legislature for the improvement of our schools. However from this I can conclude that, when discussing education, this is a very broad policy that can be positive as well as negative. But I agree with Mrs. Clinton as well as those scholars when they say that we cannot expect a child to perform on the level they need to when they are not being taught adequately. It all starts with the teachers as well as at home.

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