Early Childhood Education Programs Are Effective Essay

Early Childhood Education Programs Are Effective Essay

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Preschool today hasn’t become just a place where parents drop their children in childcare while they’re at work, parents now are expecting more from the individuals they entrust their child’s life. Preschool if taught by untrained teachers offering poor quality childcare can harmful to the development of a young child. It is where children begin to learn the basics and necessities to perform if not succeed in life as well as school. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, early childhood education can be defined as high-quality programs geared towards children from birth to age 8. The programs include preschool, HeadStart, and other programs geared toward the development of children of preschool age and should be publicly available and free to all. The programs are effective both academically and socially, inexpensive, and they would help close the achievement gap.
Early childhood education programs are effective both academically and socially. Children’s first five years are when they build the emotional and social skills needed to succeed in life. Upon entering kindergarten children are expected to know the basics: how to ask for help, following directions etc. But learning is actually at its peak at earlier stages, before entering kindergarten. Alison Gopnik, professor of psychology, states, “Children learn more in their early years than they ever will again. With the dissolution of the extended family, the best way to support early learning is with publicly funded pre-K (Starr, 2002). In preschool, children are being engaged in fast learning teaching to multiple areas of cognitive and motor development. By being taught by high-quality teachers and having positive and negative social interacti...

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...preschoolers have twice as many connections, or synapses, as the adult brain. He states that the brain of a preschool-aged child is evolving at a much greater rate than that of any other age group (“Research Notes”). Yes learning can happen at any point in a child’s life but why wait and miss these crucial opportunities where the brain is very susceptible to new information.
Early childhood education programs need to be made publicly available and free. The long term benefits show not only academic but social development and growth for the preschoolers. Investing in such programs would eliminate the cost of remedial programs saving the economy money. The programs help bridge the achievement gap between those of high socioeconomic status than those of low status. With access to early childhood education programs we allow children to start early and finish strong.

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