Essay on Early Childhood Education For English Language Learners

Essay on Early Childhood Education For English Language Learners

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Effective Instruction in Early Childhood Education for English Language Learners
Early Childhood Education is the foundation for children’s academic and personality development. Among all the children in the Unites States, there is a growing population of children whose primary language is not English (Tabors, 1998, p.20). This has highlighted the importance of finding effective strategies to teach in the classroom, to interact with parents, and to assess students’ progress when teaching English Language Learners. It has become the parents and the teachers’ responsibility to create a place for children to effectively and comfortably learn to adapt to a new culture, a new language, and a new classroom environment.
So how can parents and educators provide English Language Learners an education that is both effective and welcoming for them? According to Tabors (1998), educators need to comprehend that “[c]hildren from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds may face social isolation and linguistic constraints in the classroom. Particularly in an English-language classroom, the child who does not yet understand or speak English may find it difficult to interact appropriately with children and teachers because of the lack of a mutual language” (p.21). This leads to the feeling of social isolation and linguistic constraint when the children are not able to speak English, so instructors should try to foster a positive and warm relationships with English language learners so that they feel comfortable and less pressured when being in the classroom with English speaking students.
In the search of effective teaching style to use in the classroom, I came across a website, Dual Language Learners & Their Families (2014). In on...

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... classroom (p. 21). Yet, research had found that it is important for English Language Learners to maintain their home language, so future possible question to be discussed could be whether schools in the United States should start opening more bilingual classroom? And whether there are any downsides or problems of bilingual classroom? As Bowman and Stott (1994) have written, “[e]ducating all children will require the will and commitment to understand and respond to cultural difference.” All teachers bring their belief systems into the classroom, but the important thing to remember is to not judge things based on our own belief system. One of the best ways to understand what it is like to be an English-language learner in a U.S. classroom is to hear the stories of immigrant students to better help them overcome their struggles with a new culture and a new language.

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