Early Childhood Activites To Improve Attention of Preschoolers Essay

Early Childhood Activites To Improve Attention of Preschoolers Essay

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Often preschool teachers find it difficult to keep preschoolers engaged in one activity for a long time. This article provides early childhood activities to improve attention of preschoolers.
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Early childhood is the most mischievous period in the life of a normal child. Usually, teachers find it difficult to retain the attention of the preschoolers for a long time. Read on, to find activities which increase the attention span of a preschooler without much effort.
Preschoolers can’t concentrate on an activity for a long time. They can't remain attentive for more than three or four minutes on a particular matter. Teaches should plan methods, through which, they can increase this time span in a periodic way rather than attempting for a sudden increase.
Story Reading:
Preschoolers love to hear stories. Read to them loudly for four or five minutes. Carefully choose stories which can arouse interest in the minds of preschooler, so that he/she should insist on hearing the rest of the story. Small pictorial stories about natural phenomenon like rain, solar system, funny detective stories and animal stories can be used. Read continuously for a few minutes, carefully stop at that point where preschooler’s inquisitiveness will be aroused and then give them some time to relax. Wait till they request to hear the rest. Initially allow preschoolers to interrupt your reading with their own questions but slowly decrease the number of questions that can be asked in each session. Encourage them to ask questions at the end of each session. Don’t plan sessions longer than 5 minutes. Gradually, increase the time period of ea...

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Clay and Building Blocks
As most preschoolers like clay modeling and building blocks, teachers can use them too. Make models of sphere or box. Instruct preschoolers to make a similar one in size, shape and color. Let them take their own time. Once they have finished the work show them a bit more complicated model and repeat the above activity. The same technique can be used with building blocks too.
Like children of all other ages, preschoolers too love to keep of playing computer games and watching TV shows. Even though this can retain the attention for a long time, teachers should not allow preschoolers to spend more time on this, as it will harm both his/her mental and physical growth. The most important thing which a preschool teacher should remember is that, she/he should select only those activities which his/her preschoolers are interested in.

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