Early Age : Steve Paul Jobs Essay

Early Age : Steve Paul Jobs Essay

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Early Age

Steve Paul Jobs was born on Feb 24,1955, in San Francisco California from a couple of University of Wisconsin graduate Students who gave their unnamed son up for adoption. The infant was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, became his adopted parents.

Since the early age he had a passion of creation and innovation but he was frustrated from the formal education while going to school. His teachers had to bribe him for study, the administrators wanted to skip the study but his father declined that proposal. He had met his future partner Steve Wozniak after few years of enrollment at Homestead High School. They both had passion on electronics that why they hooked up together into the digital chips.

His passion and Education

Lacking in the direction because of the formal education he left the college after six months and spent the next 18 months dropping in on creative classes at the school. His ambition and passion of creativity reached him high even he couldn’t go way for a long journey of academic qualification. Everyone hands are full of iPad, iPhone and Jobs will be remembered by everyone even though he is already gone away from this world.

His success and his entrepreneurial skills has an influential lessons to all that we can learned by his life. He has quoted “ I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. He became the live proof of this quote. Apple has taken this stage because of the ability of Jobs to anticipate the future. He followed his own rule of thumb as he didn’t have any idea where the education that he had been acquiring in the college was dragging him. He trust his heart rather than following the believe of the people taking the education.

Going toward is vision

The great speech...

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...t the Jobs.

Lessons to be learned

He focus on the positive and believed on his ability. He was uncover the information of his biological parents when he was 21 but that didn’t matter for him. He had a great respect to his adopted parents and understood the value and vision of the life. He took a several challenges in life but never afraid to tackle with them. His struggles give us the lessons that success in life is not a destination, but it is a grueling process.

It is important in life to know exactly what we have to offer and to portray that in proper manner. It might apply either in our personal or professional life. We have to understand our ability and the potential what we might have possess us. Otherwise our ability will be capped if we undersell our ability. We got to find the what the passion we are filled in and what the work we love to work.

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