Essay about Early Adulthood : Adolescence And Adulthood

Essay about Early Adulthood : Adolescence And Adulthood

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Adulthood has often been associated with independence. It serves as a turning point in life where one has to take responsibility for oneself and no longer being dependent on his or her family. Early adulthood, usually begins from late teens or early twenties and will last until the thirties (Santrock, 2013). Early adulthood revolves around changes and exploration while middle and late adulthood are more of stability. The transition from adolescence and adulthood differs among every individual. The onset of the transition is determined by many factors such as culture, family background, and the personality of the individual. Emerging adulthood (as cited in Santrock, 2014) is the term to describe the transition period from adolescence to adulthood. There are key features of emerging adulthood that helps the transition to move towards adulthood. One of the features is identity exploration. Emerging adults are always in the search of their own identity while experimenting with their life, love life and career path. Constant changes in emerging adult’s life are common. From changing residential place to love life, work and education, instability often presents during emerging adulthood (Santrock, 2013). In addition, emerging adults tend to place focus on themselves where they have no commitment and responsibilities toward others. This provides them a great chance to exercise their own will and to execute their plans for the future. During emerging adulthood, many feel like as if they do not belong to either adolescents or adult. The transition ends only when they have distinct marks of an adult. According to Arnett (as cited in Santrock, 2014), “emerging adulthood is the age of possibilities” (p. 296). The age of possibilities is when ...

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...markers and transition of adulthood as well as the period of emerging adulthood of our parents’ times compared to now. Marriage is delayed and economic dependence on parents’ are longer as well. With the current fluctuation of the economy, it is not impossible that the transition period will continue to change. The markers of adulthood will continue to evolve with time. Although marriages are delayed nowadays, a country like Singapore is encouraging people to start up family by providing benefits and aids for the child. However, in the future, marriage might not be the marker of adulthood anymore as more people are turning to the psychological dimension in terms of defining adulthood. Social and demographic are just a process that helps in the transition of adulthood. The cognitive aspect will play an important role in being the main marker of adulthood in the future

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