Earliest Signs of Gang Activities Essay

Earliest Signs of Gang Activities Essay

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Gangs have been viewed as an issue in society by many people. The earliest signs of active gang activity were reported to be in the western civilization. Around the early 1600’s , more structured gangs began to appear.In 1783, U.S gang activity emerged. This not only affected adults, but many of the youth and communities surrounding these groups of people. Influence came from all over benefitting the advance of these structured alliances.

Gang origin has no specific set place. Regional focus helps pinpoint how cultural differences, and migration influenced these groups. Emergence of these said groups in the Northeast and Midwest U.S were fueled by immigration and poverty. The Irish, Poles, Italians, and Jews were arriving around 1820 - 1920. Harsh conditions passed through generations shaping later gangs. The Western region was more influenced by preexisting Mexican culture along with Mexican migrations. Specifically Los Angeles and Albuquerque. These regions later gained more immigrants to the deep south. The Northeast, Western regions and the Midwest showed the first signs of street gangs in the United States.

Although the first formation of gangs was not to threatening, more serious ones began to show around the 19th century. In New York, they were said to appear around 1820. As stated by (Howell, 1999, 2006) Serious gangs tend to be categorized as having multiple year histories, large varying memberships, being organized meaning having some type of hierarchy with leadership roles, and being involved with violent crimes in the course of street presence including homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, and the use of firearms.

Researches and Journalists saw gangs to be a male phenomenon. Because of this, not much inform...

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...ds ( Pesce and Wilczynski, 2005). The most effective programs in helping the youth again bad influences contain skill building strategies. One way schools themselves can help is to start enforcing dress code more, looking out for any gang signs or color affiliation.

Overall, Studies show that schools who try and keep their students in school and away from bad resources, improve academically. Through time, gangs and gang activity have evolved and set the path for how things remain today.

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