Essay about The Earliest Signs Of Civilization

Essay about The Earliest Signs Of Civilization

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The earliest signs of civilization were found between the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers around 5000 B.C.E. This area was called Mesopotamia by the Greeks. The Mesopotamians achieved many things that still have an affect even now. In education they had achieved one of the first schools of writing. The kings of Mesopotamia were just men who set laws to bring order and justice in Mesopotamia. Some of the first prescriptions found were from libraries found throughout Mesopotamia. It was thanks to the Mesopotamians that we have 60 minutes in an hour, due to their use of the sexagesimal system. The Mesopotamian were also excellent inventors even the first potter’s wheel. It was in Mesopotamia that the first signs of civilization were first discovered.
In Sumer, located south of Mesopotamia, the first schools were developed and opened. The development of cuneiform, the Sumerians form of writing, had begun to evolve at an exponential rate causing scribes to teach younger men this form of writing. The children of wealthy merchants, nobility, and middle class families were able to learn cuneiform as the tuition was hefty. Only boys were able to attend school, girls were taught at home by their parents or a paid tutor. The exception to this were the daughter of kings and girls striving to become priestesses to the gods. The students would be whipped if they made an error or misbehaved. Even though it was a school for writing the young men would learn a wealth of knowledge from geography to architecture depending on what they were going to do as a job.
The Second king of the third Ur dynasty, Ur-Nammu, is given the benefit of creating one of the earliest law codes.King Ur-Nammu ruled the city of Ur from 2112 B.C.E up to 2095 B.C.E, whic...

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...he Euphrates ad Tigris Rivers, the Mesopotamians still hade to irrigate their water onto the fields. They would construct large canals to allow the water to flow. As mentioned before the Sumerians had invented their own writing style called cuneiform which means “wedge shaped”in Latin. The Mesopotamians were one of the greatest inventors to this day and as proof of that we still use most of their inventions.
In conclusion, The Mesopotamians achieved a great number of things in math, education, law, medicine, and in inventing. They also had achieved one of the first organized systems of astrology. The students would be in school for 12 years which sounds quite familiar as well. Hammurabi’s law code still influences many of the laws of this day. Even though the Mesopotamians lived thousands of years ago many of their breakthroughs in all fields reside in modern times.

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