Earliest Memory Research Paper

Earliest Memory Research Paper

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Many memories are embedded in our brain. Some are more retrievable than others. But, how accurate are memories? Just because we can retrieve that specific memory, doesn’t mean its one hundred percent true. It may have not occurred that way or there might not have been that person within that specific memory. Memories are like dreams in many ways. The only way to remember a certain dream is to go back to that specific state of mind where you were before.
Memories are subject to many errors for many reasons. Similarities between two memories may cause errors. It can confuse two similar events into one. Certain memories can be the same conceptually. The commonality between three of my memories is pain. One particular memory triggered many more memories that were all associated with one common concept pain. Along with similarities, memories are associated with emotional residence.
When emotions are associated with memories then a specific place is also attached to that particular memory. It all starts with the very initial emotion that was first felt. Likewise, similarities of two different events can be grouped together and the emotions may also be confused together of two different events. The question is how two different situated memories can be grouped together. This shows that memories aren’t one hundred percent accurate. Memories can be misattributed.
Not only memories can be misattributed, they are susceptible to errors, so it then formulates its own errors. That is why memories can be so biased based on suggestibility. One memory may be so persistent, that you remember it so well. Since, my memories are pain related and I would like to forget them. Yet, I can’t because they are so persistent. It’s ...

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...failures; at the time an event occurs, an action or object is not properly bound to a particular time and place. Strong sense of general familiarity with an absence of specific recollections adds up to misattribution. My first memory is associated with pain, I injured my lips rather than my eyebrow, my memory was confused with another memory. I do not recall what my mother recalls but since it didn’t happen the way I though it was it means that the two different situations got mixed up together. Since, they both had the familiar idea of pain it caused a source confusion. Different fragments of information became glued together and created one memory from two.
Sin of suggestibility refers to misleading information from external sources like other people, written materials or pictures into personal recollections. Suggestions are turns into inaccurate memories.

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