Essay on Earl Martin Farr

Essay on Earl Martin Farr

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Earl Martin Farr. He wasn't married and had no children, and if he did, he didn't know about it. Too bad he really had three with three different woman. I couldn't say I was surprised. He had a record of messing around with prostitutes.

Earl Farr owned the companies Farr Confectionaries and Farr Foods. Both were quite successful. No one would be there to take them over when he was gone, unfortunately. He was a greedy man who never wanted to share his riches if he didn't have to. He was a pureblood British gentleman, if you could call him such a thing, and loved bragging to it about everyone.

Along with that, he has the leader of a large mafia full of spies, bodyguards, and assassins. One of the assassins was the infamous Widow, the most feared in the noble world. Not that anyone knew he was the one controlling her. She had died a while ago during a fire that destroyed most of London. She was crushed by a falling building. Quite tragic, but it wasn't like anyone realized it was her. As far as anyone was concerned, she was just another victim of the disaster that had swept through the city.

He used all of his resources to eliminate his competition in the world of business. Because of this, he was paranoid. He often kept bodyguards around him, except when he was in his office. They weren't much of a problem to me anymore.

His death date was June 7, 1895 at 3:21 p.m. He was to first have liver failure, but right before he died, he would be murdered. He was to die at the age of fifty-six. No one would miss him. I knew that for a fact.

I walked down the halls of the mansion. Nothing had changed since I had last been there. Though it was familiar, I did not feel comfort. I felt sick, but my adrenaline rush was even greater...

... middle of paper ... you," he grinned. He was just so happy I had finally agreed to the ring. He's such a romantic.

"I love you, too," I pecked his lips. "Now, hurry up! We're going to be late!" He finally got in the coach while I sat with Iris.

I always said I would never get married. I would never fall in love or have a family. My future was just going to be about myself and that was that. At the same time, I was also killing people for money. You can tell my judgement wasn't too great.

Look at me now, though, I thought. I had a father, daughter, and fiancé. They meant so much to me. I couldn't believe I had been close to living without them.

Yeah, I turned out pretty well. Took a lot to get to that point, mind you, but it happened. I regretted nothing. I did everything right for once. I hugged my daughter and thought, You did good, Willow. You actually ended up alright.

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