The Eagle and the Elephant: a Simple Comparison Essay

The Eagle and the Elephant: a Simple Comparison Essay

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Human history has always been full of ups and downs. Successes and failures, treaties and war. And just as human history, a human life can get lost in they're own challenges and experiences. Often oblivious to the plight of others, most just live out their lives. Taking what they have for granted, they live inside their glass shell, unable to imagine a world without. Take the United States of America for instance. With a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of $47,400, the United States of America is the 10th wealthiest nation in regards to GDP . ("CIA- World Factbook: Country Comparison") Where as another country, lets say Cote d' Ivoire is ranked 194th with a GDP of $1800.("CIA- World Factbook: Country Comparison") It would be really hard, if not impossible, for one of these country's citizens to understand each others problems since each exist in totally different worlds economically. But what makes these countries so different? Why has the United States become such a economic power house where as Cote d' Ivoire has struggled so over the years? In the following paragraphs, these two countries shall be compared and contrast, searching for the complex answer to these seemingly simple questions.
To help find an answer to the question at hands it is important to understand at least the bases to how these countries came to be. The United States became a officially its own country in July 4th of the year 1776 ("CIA- World Factbook: United States" ) with the adoption of the declaration of independence into congress.("Library of Congress, Today in History: July 4th") They had been suffering under overbearing a British monarchy. So to escape the tyranny of the British king ("Oval Office Watch"), they had no choice but to fight for their ...

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