Essay on Eaarthquake Activity Around the World: Seven Days of Shaking

Essay on Eaarthquake Activity Around the World: Seven Days of Shaking

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For this assignment, we are to examine earthquake activity around the world. Specifically, we are to examine the United States Geological Survey (USGS) earthquake website searching for earthquakes that have occurred around the world with a magnitude greater than two point five in the last seven days. Responses to the questions of the lab, based on the information obtained from the USGS website at 10:23 AM on Friday, January 3, 2014, are the basis of this paper.
Greater Than Six Point Zero
The lab asks if there were any earthquakes in the past week that registered a magnitude of over six point zero. One earthquake did register over six point zero. This earthquake centered thirty-seven kilometers west of Sola, Vanuatu registered a magnitude of six point six. The USGS reported the earthquake “hit the South Pacific island nation early Thursday local time. The quake was at a depth was one hundred ninety six kilometers” (AP, 2013). Vanuatu lies within the active area known as the Ring of Fire comprised of volcanoes and fault lines around the Pacific Basin.
Four Point Five to Six Point Zero Magnitude
To someone who has never looked at this type of information before, there were an astounding eighty-four earthquakes in the last seven days that registered a magnitude between four point five and six point zero. According to Michigan Tech University (MTU), earthquakes registering a magnitude of two point five to five point four are “often felt, but only causes minor damage” (MTU, n.d.). Earthquakes registering a magnitude of five point five to six point zero have the capability to slightly damage structures. Taking the time to observe and ponder on this information, one quickly realizes both the power of nature ...

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...his paper.

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