E Of O Property Destruction Essay

E Of O Property Destruction Essay

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o Physical Aggression This behavior consists of hitting, punching, slapping, pulling hair and pinching. Functions cited as task avoidance, denied access, attention or without clear antecedent. Recently at a graduation party, Alexis was upset that attention was going towards the brother and not her. This resulted in Alexis getting physically frustrated with mom by attempting to hit her. Staff member had to use verbal re-direction such as “Calm hands Alexis” to re-direct her from expressing any further behaviors.
o Verbal Aggression: Alexis is non-verbal, verbal aggressions consist more of her screaming “no” or repeating what she wants such as “Drink” or “Thrift Store”. Alexi’s speech is often inaudible so it can often become a guessing game, which may frustrate her more when not receiving the initial request.
o Property Destruction: This behavior consists of breaking items such as toys, electronics devices (iPad, MacBook computer, and Nintendo DS systems). Functions cited as task avoidance, denied access, attention or during changes in medication (switching form one pill to the other). Recently, Alexis requested to use her sister’s Ipad, when given the response of no, Alexi’s began to cry and began to retrieve her sister’s other personal items and began to rip them up such as clothing.
o Elopement: This behavior consists of walking/running out of the room, walking or running out of the home, walking/running away while in the community. Functions cited, denied access, attention or without clear antecedent. Recently, mother has stated that she has escaped from her home in the past and has crossed the street without supervision in order to go knock on a neighbor’s door incessantly (part of her OCD). When this happens she is ...

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...ity to earn the preferred snack back. Alexis can initialize use of the restroom but must be monitored and assisted to ensure she wipes clean and disposes of soiled toilet paper and toilet paper rolls correctly. Alexis is very prompt dependent and staff will work gradually remove as Alexis becomes successful until she can respond correctly with no prompts.

Parent Component of BRIA Services

BRIA services are designed to support parents to receive temporary relief time. Mrs. Riveroy states that BRIA services has assured her that someone is supervising Alexis while is attending to her personal and other family life duties. For instance, she states that during this period, BRIA services has enabled her to have time to tend to her other children and be able to attend to the her groceries with out the fear of Alexis running off or having a tantrum that she cannot control.

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