Essay on The E Myth Revisited - Why Most Small Businesses Don 't Work

Essay on The E Myth Revisited - Why Most Small Businesses Don 't Work

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The E-myth Revisited – why most small businesses don’t work ad what to do about it, is a book writhen by Michael E. Gerber. The book is very well written, and researched, probably because the author him self is a very well known entrepreneur, the INC. Magazine called him; “the worlds number one Small Business Guru.” He used his own experience to help people who lacked from skills in the business section and where more technical.
The e-myth is the misunderstanding, because they are not started by entrepreneurs who want to build a strong business, however they are started by egger technicians who enjoy doing the work on their own, really feeling with there own hands what they are doing. That is why their businesses do not succeed, because instead of working on their business they are working in it, and doing all the work an employee should be doing for them. It comes down to this, because of the Entrepreneur Seizure. When all of a sudden a person is tiered of working for someone, and taking orders they want to start a business of their own, and so they do it. Then they are hit with the Fatal Assumption, because you do the work, doesn’t necessarily mean you can run the work. The technical work of a business and a s business that does that technical work are completely different things.
In order for a business to work, we cannot only be technicians; we also have to be an entrepreneur and a manager. We all have these personalities in us, we just all prefer one of them, and however we need to know how to balance them in order for a success.
“The technician is the door(26),” said the author, someone who knows how to create products best on his own, interested in the ide of how to do things not the idea it self, and he lives in the pre...

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...eting, you at least have to put the time, thought and attention to it. This is why the strategic work is more important then the tactical and the small business should intergrade into the marketing process.
The last one is the system strategy, which is described as a set of actions, information’s, things and ideas that cooperate with each other. The system strategy holds the franchise prototype together, it tells you when and why you need to change.
The business can have three types of systems. The first one is the Hard system, does are inanimate objects like computers, work materials, inventory, etc. The second is the Soft system, does are the animate objects, ideas, scripts, procedures, etc. the last one is the information system, which provides data about the hard and soft system. All of this systems have to come together, other wise the business will not work.

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