E Marketing Software : Marketing Effortless And Help You Get The Desired Conversion Rate

E Marketing Software : Marketing Effortless And Help You Get The Desired Conversion Rate

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Are you using any email marketing software? If no, then probably you are making big gaffe because email marketing software makes marketing effortless and help you get the desired conversion rate.
So you leverage email marketing for lead generation and conversion, right? However, despite working hard, you are not getting what you expected, is that so?

Are you using any email marketing software? If no, then probably you are making big gaffe because email marketing software makes marketing effortless and help you get the desired conversion rate.

For an eCommerce company, things like promotion, marketing, leads, conversions, and ROI matters. You would agree that the advent of numerous web-based technologies has made marketing a 24x7 process. To survive in today’s online competitive space, it is crucial to check the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Now, let’s take a peep at some striking information:

According to Ascend2, around 82 percent of B2B and B2C companies leverage email marketing.
Businesses that use automated emails are 133 percent more likely to send relevant messages corresponding to a buyer’s journey. – Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups
As per Campaign Monitor, about 53 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices.
Around 74 percent of marketers believe personalization drives engagement. – eConsultancy
When it comes to acquiring new customers, email is 40 times more effective than social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey

No doubt, email marketing has a long way to go because it is vibrant, highly efficient, powerful, and inexpensive way to target new customers and sustain existing ones. This marketing technique strengthens the relationship between brand and customers, and also encourages custome...

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...nd track email marketing campaigns which in turn helps you build a lasting relationship with your customers. It is one of the most powerful email marketing tools with full-featured CRM and social media integration. Due to its features, Zoho Campaigns makes email marketing effortless.

For an eCommerce website, Zoho Campaigns can be an ideal solution as it automates email marketing, allow you to manage your contact list, and help you promote offers on social media platforms. Overall, it let you perform your task efficiently which in turn boost conversion rate.

Case Study:

Let’s take a glance at the case study of JETHUB that will let you know how Zoho Campaign can help.


The eMail marketing tools explained above are ideal for eCommerce websites. Share which email tool you are using for your online store. Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments below.

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