E- Learning for Teachers and Students Essay

E- Learning for Teachers and Students Essay

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Using technology such as the web to create a rich learning environment may not be as easy as it seems. While we try to instill lifelong learning in our students we as teachers need to remember trying new technology may take some learning on teachers’ parts as well. Research shows both sides of web-based learning, resources to facilitate online learning, and ways to develop educational software for online learning, which teachers may need to discover in order to effectively use web-based learning.
A study in Taiwan challenged the traditional ideas of education when only teachers teach and only students learn. In this study researchers found that not only can teachers teach on the web, but any user can share information with other users, the same way a teacher might. Results from this study found that people who teach excellently on the web are not necessarily accredited teachers (Chan, 2002). At some times web users are both teaching others and learning from others. This study also found that teaching online varies greatly from teaching in the classroom. Some issues discussed were the quality control and standards for learning environments and the fact that not all instructional outcomes can be met by Internet learning (Chan, 2002). Researchers also pointed out an array of challenges faced when teaching on the Internet and characteristics of online teachers. Some characteristics include the most obvious of being comfortable using the computer and Internet, also the enjoyment of sharing ideas and thoughts with other people, self-motivated and self-disciplined. The most surprising characteristic was that most are students in the physical world, about eight out of fifteen (Chan, 2002). The main point found from the study w...

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...n along with their students about the new technology, not only are our students lifelong learners, they and we need to be lifelong teachers. At some point teachers may need to allow their students to teach them a thing or two as they might know more in one area of technology than their teacher.

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