Essay about E Commerce Is Growing Rapidly And Prosperously

Essay about E Commerce Is Growing Rapidly And Prosperously

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1. Introduction
In the past decades, e-commerce is growing rapidly and prosperously which has led a number of research studies aimed at understanding how customers use a variety of factors such as pre-purchase factors and post-purchase factors to judge the quality of a website involved in e-commerce activity (Collier and Bienstock, 2006). Product return is a widespread and expensive problem among the whole world. In the online context, product returns are important metric and critical component to online retailers (Yalabik et al., 2005, De et al. 2013, Hong and Pavlou 2014), as they indicate problems in web site content, customer service, consumers’ buying experience or fulfillment operations. Nowadays, the development and innovations of mobile technology have encouraged more uses of Internet on mobile platforms. For example, a 2015 report (Bosomworth, 2015) indicates that the number of global mobile users has been larger than the personal computer (PC) users since early 2014. According to the same report, Bosomworth highlights that mobile media time is now greater than desktop and other media; mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). Based on the Bosmoworth’s report, different channel effect would contribute to the current e-commerce activity.
Previous studies have examined the impact of introducing the PC-based online channel and Mobile-based online channel. They suggest that there are two features-usability and ubiquity that distinguish PC and mobile channels. In general, informational and emotional web content such as screen design associates with web browsing (Lee and Lee, 2003). Compared to PC, with a constrained interface for mobile devices, we assume that users visi...

... middle of paper ...

...d Novak, 1996). And the higher the enjoyment felt by consumers on the Internet, the more likely they were engaged to make a purchase decision impulsively (Moon and Kim, 2001; Keeney, 1999; Wu and Ye, 2013).
Due to the lack of careful consideration before making a purchase, impulsive buying may result in regret, over 80 percent the respondents reported negative experiences as a result of their impulse purchasing, including financial problems, disappointment with products, feeling guilty, and someone else’s disapproval (Rook 1987). The consolidated opinion of the background above is, by using mobile devices; consumers’ impulse buying behavior may have a positive influence on the product return rate. Thus, the following hypothesis is proposed:

H4: Impulse buying has moderating effects (positive) on the relationship between purchasing channels and product return rate.

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