Essay on E-Commerce: A Necessity for all Businesses

Essay on E-Commerce: A Necessity for all Businesses

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According to recent statistical data, online sales and purchases have been realized since the year 2006 with the figures seemingly doubling this year. It was not in the thought of any business that e-commerce would greatly impact on their sales especially a few years ago. What is notable now is that every business needs an online presence in order to enable it reach out to potential customers and provide their services online. This particular trend also applies to mobile commerce with companies who want to remain relevant in the market exploiting and benefiting from the huge traffic available (Lim & Siau, 2003).
Therefore, all businesses should create their online presence in order to take advantage of the internet and communication technology. This paper will outline the steps businesses need to follow to enable them create an online presence, the required skills and tools and the opportunities and challenges of electronic and mobile commerce.
Steps businesses need to follow to create an online presence
Step #1: Draw an effective plan
The first step in creating an online presence for your business is to come with an effective plan. The plan should address all the issues that concerns the needs that you want to achieve by creating an online presence. Hence, your plan should have your goals, budget, resources required, the marketing channels that you will utilize and the education and training that you will require to speedily building online presence.
Step #2: Create and make your website the best
You should then create the best website for your business. In doing this, you will need the assistance of web designers to help you create an appealing website and optimize it to rank higher in search engines, in...

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...d storage capacity and small screen sizes of mobile phones (Information Resources Management Association & Khosrow-Pour, 2006)

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