Essay on E. coli Traceability and Eradication Act: Protecting Consumer Health

Essay on E. coli Traceability and Eradication Act: Protecting Consumer Health

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E. coli Traceability and Eradication Act: Protecting Consumer Health
In 2005 the averages for annual meat consumption per capita in America was a total of 185 pounds. And in 2007, the average consumption rose to 227 pounds. It is staggering to learn that the number has been increasing over the last 6 years. Due to high demand in meat consumption, the meat industries have employed technological short cuts such as hormones and drugs to maximize production which in result formed factory farming.(Green) Factory farming has become a popular technique that many farmers are using to raise animals. However, factory farming creates problems, and one of the serious issues is the contamination of E. coli. The unsanitary environment in factory farms causes animals to become unhealthy. These disease carrying animals are delivered to slaughterhouses, and they are killed to be reproduced as meat products. The risk here is that the E. coli contaminated meat looks the same as the clean meat. So, without knowing that the E. coli infected meat is present, the ground beef is contaminated by E. coli. In 1994, the Food Safety and Inspection Service declared E. coli to be an adulterant and began the sampling and testing of the presence of E. coli in beef. However, to this day, there are still incidents in which people get sick and die due to E. coli bacteria in beef. Donna Rosenbaum, the executive director of the organization, Safe Tables Our Priority, said that, “contamination problems are not found by any checks on the products by companies. They’re found when people get sick, and that’s a failure in the system” quoted in Gardiner. The current regulation of sampling and testing by FSIS on beef is failing because the current rules are not specific e...

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