Essay about E Business : Australi The Highest Levels Of Computer Literacy Globally

Essay about E Business : Australi The Highest Levels Of Computer Literacy Globally

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E-business Growth in Australia from 2010 to 2014
Australia has among the highest levels of computer literacy globally with statistics showing 94% of the Australia population has access to high speed internet. 79% of these people access the internet on a daily basis while staggering 60% will access the internet on multiple occasions daily or throughout the entire working day. With this easy access to the internet, ecommerce has also registered a huge boom in recent years raising from 27 Billion to 40 Billion in sales between 2010 and 2014. This constitutes to an income increase of just over 3 Billion dollars in revenue each year which is staggering amount of revenue for Australian businesses to tape in to. Australians are increasing choosing to shop online due to the cheaper products available online as well as the convenience of shopping online. Online shopping has resulted in increasing in demand since the consumer is capable of searching for products online placing orders and waiting for door step delivery which reduces effort, energy and cost linked to shopping. This also allows the Australian consumer to concentrate more on finance generation which results in delivering a very attractive circumstance for the consumer and ecommerce solutions.
Mapping Ecommerce Growth in Australia between 2010 and 2014
Australian consumers have been noted to be among the most active online shoppers and this is due to a high computer and internet literacy rate. This has resulted in the nation also adopting ecommerce solutions aggressively with Australia registering some of the largest ecommerce sales on an annual basis. Between 2010 and 2014 Australia registered a 13 Billion dollar increase in sales rising from 27 billion for 40 billion. This res...

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...ts which would allow them to identify a specific product or service they require thus delivering more satisfaction to the consumer. Local shops will usually stock only popular and fast moving products based on the popular colours, sizes, shapes and materials while online stores offer a wider verity of product and service specifications.
Put together the above factors have contributed immensely towards the increasing popularity and growth of ecommerce in Australia where more consumers are opting to shop online. With consumers now capable of getting the specific products they require at lower cost and have it delivered to their door step, they are capable of concentrating more on the professional career. This is also an important factor linked to improving an individual’s career since it allows them to target securing specific products and services with minimal effort.

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