The Dystopian Novels ' Predator Cities By Phillip Reeve

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The genre of Dystopian novels has lately ridden the success of titles like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent though in the early 2000’s there was a book series called Predator Cities written by Phillip Reeve. In this series the earth was changed drastically after a terrifying and total modern war that lasted a mere sixty minutes, nations do not exist in the formal sense and cities exist as giant city-states that move on tracks. Life and death hang in the balance through a system known as “Municipal Darwinism” but how well does it compare to the idea of Social Darwinism that existed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Social Darwinism is the idea that like animal, persons, groups, and races are also subject to the same laws of natural selection created by Charles Darwin (Social Darwinism). One of its main tenants was that of the well-known phrase “Survival of the fittest” that you survive or more specifically succeed in life by the qualities you are given with at birth. Though this system heavily fell out of favor for numerous reasons, one that it was heavily built around race and stereotypes, that people of some races are built better to succeed than people of other races in the world, it also completely glosses over the fact that your race and where you are born are completely out of your control, there is a little room for change by exercising and going to school to change things such as your body and mind but if your born in a place on the earth that is not beneficial for survival or born into a race that is treated and though of poorly that’s not really something you can change. The idea also heavily differs than that of Darwin’s Law of natural selection, the law is meant to be a thing that happens without c... ... middle of paper ... ... our world to think about our Earth and the destruction caused in it by humanity’s wars, expansionism and unrenewable business practices in hopes that we don’t cause the world to begin to look like the earth in the novel. Social Darwinism was a system that caused many problems in the 19th and 20th centuries as it perpetuated the idea that some races were better than other races, we know that to not be true now but back then that’s what they thought. Municipal Darwinism the twist apocalyptic view taken and changed to work in a world where cities moved and destroyed the ones that were smaller. The connection could be made that the cities that were bigger had a better chance at surviving and were more built to succeed because they were originally very big and that the smaller ones were simply meant to be destroyed because they were lower on the so called “food chain”.

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