Essay on Dystopian Novel Of Dystopian Literature

Essay on Dystopian Novel Of Dystopian Literature

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Dystopian Literature is the complete opposite of Utopian literature, which is an ideal society where everything is perfect, in which the world is ruled by a Totalitarian leader, or a post-apocalyptic world. Dystopian literature unlike other genres adapt to changing times and norms in society; although, we might not find Russians as scary as our parents or grandparents, our children or grandchildren may not find ISIS as scary as we do. The first work considered to be a part of dystopian literature is Utopia published by Thomas More in 1516, it’s written as a dialogue between the narrator and a fictionalized version of More. Also Gulliver’s travels is considered dystopian, due to him finding that he and the people of London are no better than the Yahoos. British Member of Parliament, John Stuart Mill, first coined the modern definition of dystopia in 1868, to criticize the government’s policy in Ireland (Shannon, “The Evolution of Dystopian Literature in Nine Books). Franz Kafka’s The Trial the story’s protagonists Josef K was arrested for unclassified reasons and then was sent to court over a very nonspecific crime; this story leads to George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World (Willians, “Dark Days: The Fascinating History of the Dystopian Novel). In 1985, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale was published; its story was of a military Christian theocracy where women weren’t allowed to read, control bank accounts, or freely reproduce. It helped out the feminist’s movement and also became a more modern example of how Dystopian Literature could actually sustain the test of time and remain current and up to date with society (Willians, “Dark Days: The Fascinating History of the Dystopian Novel). The first book that de...

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...n made Alex go through tests to ensure that he was rehabilitated. Alex passed all these tests, and was set free to live back with society. Which this is where karma actually strikes back again as all of his former victims actually get sweet revenge on Alex as he was kicked out by his parents. His biggest mistake was going to the man whose wife he raped and killed as of result and crippled due to his violent antics. The man actually tortures Alex into trying to kill himself by playing the music he was tortured by until he could take no more. Which then he lets us know he has been cured by doctors thanks to the final scene of the movie. A clockwork orange is actually a beautiful title as it turns something organic, his brain, into a mechanized item. It shows that the government was attempting to riding the world of bad, but also was accidently riding the world of good.

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