The Dystopian Genre Of 1984 By George Orwell Essay

The Dystopian Genre Of 1984 By George Orwell Essay

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!!!Genre of 1984

__1984__, written by George Orwell, is an example of a novel in the __dystopian__ literature genre. Dystopian literature specifically looks at how political, social, and economic structures can go bad and oppress the people that they are meant to help. In order to better understand what the dystopian genre is, we should first compare it to its opposite genre - utopian literature.

[{Image src= 'george_orwell.png ' alt= 'Orwell ' caption= 'George Orwell, writer of 1984, one of the most famous examples of a novel in the dystopian genre '}]

!!Utopia vs. Dystopia

Though the word __utopia__, which means ' 'good place ' ' or ' 'no place ' ', was used in ancient Greece, the word was most notably applied to literature in Sir Thomas More 's book ' 'Utopia ' ', in which More described the perfect society that would make everyone happy.

__Dystopia__, on the other hand, means ' 'not-good place ' ' in Greek. Dystopian writing arose as a response to utopian writing in order to try and show how the same things that might make the world a perfect place for everyone such as government, corporations, or religious leaders, could also make it a terrible place for everyone.

To construct a dystopian piece of fiction, the writer must choose an organization or group that has political, social, economic, or religious power within our current society and then imagine what it would be like if they gained total control over the society. The dystopian story can act as a warning to us to show what might happen to our society if we are not careful enough to limit the power of these organizations

In dystopian writing, the leaders of the organization that has gained power oppress citizens in a number of ways:

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...rty line - in fact, they set him up by giving him the anti-Party information in the first place - and they destroy his will until he becomes a full supporter of the Party once again. In this way, Orwell can send the message that allowing such a leadership to gain power will only crush the individual and his or her hopes, dreams, and freedom. These elements all fall in line with the typical elements of a story in the dystopian genre.

!!!Lesson Summary

George Orwell 's 1984 is a story in the dystopian genre. It features a citizen trying to fight back against the oppressive leaders of his society and uses many tropes in dystopian writing, including a leadership that has complete control over information and complete surveillance over the population, to show how different leadership groups or organizations in our own society could possibly go bad and oppress us as well.

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