Essay about Dysfunctional Intergenerational Boundaries And The Family

Essay about Dysfunctional Intergenerational Boundaries And The Family

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Collins, Jordan & Coleman (2012) stated that dysfunctional intergenerational boundaries are commonly present in divorced and in conflict families where one or more children go against one parent. Due to the existence of multiple subsystems in this family, it is evident that the boundaries between the family members are rigid and that the family is disengaged. An example of the specific behavior that demonstrated the existence of disengaged boundary with grandma E, was the relinquishment of her caretaking role as a mother to her first born child to her parents so she could pursue her interests in finding a husband.
When interviewed aunt S in person(born out of the wedlock; raised by great grandparents), she choked back tears as she spoke of her resentment towards her mother for leaving her behind with the great grandparents (Aunt S, Public Communication, 2016). In fact, grandma E relinquished much of her caretaking role for her two oldest children that were born outside of marriage to marry Marie’s grandfather. Marie’s mother did not talk much about her father, as she blamed him for the divorce (Mother, Public Communication, 2016). Grandma E admitted that it was not easy trying to raise her own children after her parents passed away. There is a negative impact of disengaged boundaries in the second generation that filtered down to the third generation. Whereas the grandchildren; including Marie do not harmoniously connect with the rest of her siblings because of her mother laxness of parental boundaries. For example, Marie expressed her confusion with her mother unclear intentions. First, she wanted Marie to start addressing her husband as her father, when ultimately she does not want Marie’s daughter to call her husband grandpa...

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...ively carried out for cohabitation versus intimate relationship. That is because there is a clear sequence of events that have taken place in grandma E’s life and her offspring that indicates that parenthood followed almost immediately and inevitably by marriage.
Model of marriage impacts families in general, considering the increased number of divorces in the society today (Andersen & Hansen, 2012). “Having divorced parents linked to one’s own likelihood of divorce and more negative attitudes toward marriage and more tolerant attitudes toward divorce” (Hall, 2015, p. 714) As mentioned earlier, the importance of attachment style in a relationship is equally important when modeling behaviors towards marriage. The author believed that the person’s experiences of attachment style they received as children affect both their attachment styles and their view of marriage.

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