The Dysfunctional Criminal Justice System Essay

The Dysfunctional Criminal Justice System Essay

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Racial bias as well as the improper funding have contributed to the mass incarceration issue our country currently faces; leaving prisoners with no help of rehabilitation and our generation with a dysfunctional criminal justice system. Our Criminal Justice system is far from perfect, with a long list of problems our system has these topics are at the top of the list and with hopes of changes so our country can have a turn to the undermined criminal system we have.
One serious problem contributing to the dysfunctional criminal justice system we have is the fact that there are people who are racially bias in all sectors of the system. In the article “Ferguson Police Tainted by Bias, Justice Department Says” by Matt Apuzzo and John Eligon the authors quote the findings made by the Justice department on the investigation of the Ferguson Police Department when they said “These disparities occur, at least in part, because Ferguson law enforcement practices are directly shaped and perpetuated by racial bias,” (page 1). After investigating the Ferguson Police department the Justice Department found countless information allowing them to conclude that a high percentage of the police officers were treating citizens unfairly, violating there rights, and abusing their power towards african americans in particular. In the same article the authors Matt Apuzzo and John Eligon also quoted the Justice Department when they said,”Federal investigators also found that city officials circulated racist jokes on their government email accounts without fear of punishment,” (page 4). The same city officials who are supposed to be acting just and looking out for the public good find humor in racist jokes, people with t...

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... feel threatened by the government. In addition the lack of proper funding has led police departments as well as court systems to take upon themselves to meet quotas of fines and ticketing in order to gain revenue, in return breaking the trust with there communities allowing them to feel as targets of more money. With shortage of fundings in justice departments it seems more money goes towards prison system and with the high prison rate our country holds it has become a serious dilemma. However with a high incarceration population our system has no motive to help rehabilitate or help prisoners leaving them with no options and a certainty of finding there way back to prison. Our criminal justice system is puzzled and with no easy fix it will take big changes to help turn it around, and like all problems it seems money is always one of them and indeed the most crucial.

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