Dylan Klebold's Motives in the Columbine High School Shooting Essay

Dylan Klebold's Motives in the Columbine High School Shooting Essay

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“People are so unaware...well, Ignorance is bliss I guess… that would explain my depression.” (Klebold, Dylan). With that sentence, I divulged myself into the most horrendous, sad journal I have ever read, hoping to gain some insight into a disturbed young man’s mind. On April 20th, 1999, Dylan Klebold accompanied his friend, Eric Harris, in one of the most publicized and shocking school shootings of the modern day--The Columbine Massacre. With their sawed-off shotguns and godlike dispositions, the boys exacted their revenge not only on their peers, but on themselves. As the nightmare collapsed, and thirteen people lay dead, the questions began. How could two boys so young commit this crime? What forced them to be this way? For the Klebold family, one question remained: How had Dylan become involved in one of the crimes of the century?
Dylan Klebold was undeniably sick, as his journal and other writings can prove. A very intelligent yet shy boy, Dylan felt isolated and unloved by both family and friends. Dylan’s best friend, Eric Harris, was equally sick--if not more so--than Dylan and incredibly persuasive. Above all, Dylan wanted to die. Although Dylan wanted to love and be loved, his mind was plagued with thoughts of death and suicide. Dylan Klebold’s actions were a direct result of his relationships with family and classmates, his friendship with Eric Harris, and the mental demons that howled in his mind.
Many teenagers feel isolated at some point during high school. This isolation is often accompanied by feeling shunned, ostracized and left-out. As Dylan grew up, he was very, very shy, especially entering middle school. In high school, he felt, along with Eric Harris, that he was judged for being outside of societa...

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