Dying to be Beautiful: The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

Dying to be Beautiful: The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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An extremely amount of people around the world do not feel comfortable with the face that they were born with and feel uncomfortable to show it. They believe they are ugliest people in the world and they feel like that whatever the people say is the truth. They believe that they have no other escape but to go in for cosmetic surgery. An enormous amount of men and woman go in for cosmetic surgery to make them look younger or fix a part of their face that they are unsatisfied with or they want to reshape something that to them is a disorder. They go into surgery without knowing the consequences they are going in for and they face high chances of never seeing their original face never again. Certain celebrity and model’s career have gone downhill due to the failure of plastic surgery and have gotten more famous about their surgery failures than what they originally became famous.
Many believe that going in for cosmetic surgery is like putting God in cosmetic surgery because a numerous amount of people believe that God made you with that face and that you are just disgracing God. Genesis 1:27 states, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Celebrities that have done themselves surgeries on their faces denied the facts that have done surgery on them and others say that they only got a touchup. Everybody has the right to be beautiful in their own way, but not by injecting in Botox or putting in plastic in your face.

These groups of people should not be thinking about cosmetic surgery, they should be comfortable with the natural beauty that God has given them and instead of feeling depressed and unforgotten, they should feel ecstatic and ...

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...one. The right to be beautiful and the right to be whatever the person wants to be is in that specific person’s choice.

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