Dying At Age By John Keats Essay

Dying At Age By John Keats Essay

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What is one thing you want to do before you die? If you were to go into the doctor with a bruise that won’t go away and he tells you its bone cancer how would you react? Not to mention, that same day, the doctor also informs you they must amputate your leg with the bruise to try and save your life. This sounds awful, but that is exactly what happened to Kris Sheaff. After hearing this news, the first and most important thing for her to do before she died was to graduate. Anyone who knew Kris Sheaff knew she was an exceptional athlete who was going to play volleyball at Standford with the help of her ACT score over 30. She was staring death right in the face knowing she was going soon and all that was important to her was graduating. Learning about Kris Sheaff before heading off to a regional volleyball tournament was indescribable. Why do tragic things happen to the most driven and talent people? Romanticism poet John Keats has a similar biography. Dying at age twenty-five from tuberculosis gives a comparable story between Ms. Sheaff and Mr. Keats. It is often said, especially by Mark Jones that, “Keats 's letters demonstrate his own playful awareness of the resemblance” between a successful but short life. MacMillian General Reference argues, “Keats, in "one of the most nearly perfect poems in English," has succeeded in conveying ‘beauty that must die.’” When learning about John Keats after knowing about Kris Sheaff’s story, three elements are similar; they both knew death at an early age was animate, but they continued to work, and are remembered for their courage and creativity.
For starters, determined to graduate, Sheaff was lectured on Keats and his remarkable work. Unfortunately, Kris Sheaff related to his s...

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...he hallway, John Keats has an entire museum in Rome dedicated to his name and incredible work.
With her jersey hanging in the hall way at Worland High School and her story told annually with the teaching of John Keats, Kris Sheaff will always be remembered for her determination, courage and creativity after getting that horrific news prior to her senior year. It is highly unfortunate to know a talented young lady was unable to reach her highest athletic and scholarly potential due to her shortened life. Kris Sheaff did everything in her power to reach as many goals as possible considering her circumstances including graduating. There is so much more to say about this amazing young woman who holds a special place in the heart of those that knew her personally and it is such a tragedy at how close she was able to relate to the heart-rending story of John Keats.

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