Essay about Dwarfism Causes a Person to Have Short Stature

Essay about Dwarfism Causes a Person to Have Short Stature

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About 1 in every 25,000 people suffers from achondroplasia, which is the most common type of dwarfism (Dwarfism, par. 1). Dwarfism causes a person to have short stature, and they suffer the inconveniences of being shorter than average. Those with dwarfism are often unfairly thought of as less than people without the disorder. The public’s view of dwarfism tends to be skewed because of Hollywood’s inaccurate depiction and its belief in historically unfair stereotypes. This view needs to change because people with dwarfism are created equally, and with support and minor accommodations they are able to live happy and successful lives.
According to Brandon Brown, an editor of Salem Health Magill’s Medical Guide, an official definition of dwarfism is “underdevelopment of the body, most often caused by a variety of genetic or endocrinological dysfunctions” (891). What this means is that the growth hormones in the bodies of those with dwarfism are unable to function correctly, and the body cannot grow and develop very well. Dwarfism prevents a person from growing to be the size of an average person, and causes them to be shorter than most adults. The US National Library of Medicine states that dwarfism in itself is not a disease or disorder because simply being short is not considered either of these (Par. 2). However, because of the underdevelopment of the body, people with dwarfism have a much greater chance of other health problems.
Of course there are plenty of people in the world who are considered short but are not technically dwarves. The maximum height for a person to have and still be officially considered a dwarf is sixty inches for a male, and fifty-eight for a female (Brown 891). For males this wou...

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...ple. They should be treated with respect, trust, and kindness. It is true that dwarfism causes a person to have some inconveniences and problems, but with some accommodations one with dwarfism is able to live a happy, successful life.

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