Essay about Duties Of Successful Farm Managers

Essay about Duties Of Successful Farm Managers

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Farm Business Manager Reaction Paper

Duties Of Successful Farm Managers

There are many duties that a majority of farm managers have to juggle on a regular basis. Some of the main ones are: closely managing both the finances and taxes, working closely with a banker, keeping up with the maintenance of facilities and and equipment, and having good communication skills. Managing a farm business takes a lot of responsibility. Most of the managers we talked to also told us that they are always trying to put God first, have good relationships with their customers, and always trying to keep positive attitudes while dealing with their duties. I found it surprising that they said that they handle most if not all of the farm duties. It is hard for me to imagine that one person can manage a farm operation as large as theirs.

Knowledge And Skills needed By Successful Farm Managers

The one thing that all farmers have to deal with is the ability to keep up with all of the new techniques, products, and technology. Some of the main skills that all of the farmers said you need to run a su...

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