Duties and Work Conditions of Veterinarians Essay

Duties and Work Conditions of Veterinarians Essay

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Imagine yourself saving animals one day at a time. It might be hard, but you will get that amazing feeling of knowing you did something good for someone else. Veterinarians are a key role in society now a day. People don’t realize all the good they do for the public. Duties, tasks, qualities, salary, benefits, attire, education, and working conditions are major components in deciding whether you could do this job.

There are a variety of duties and tasks that veterinarians do. Since they never know what they will be doing that day they have to always be prepared for whatever walks in the door. People think that they just check over an animal and tell the owner what they are doing well and what they need to fix, but veterinarians do much more. They have to determine diseases, prescribe medications, prevent diseases, collect data from animals, interpret new problems, set bones, dress wounds, and many more things that. The list goes on and on because they never know what they need to do. Those are some of the simpler things this occupation has to handle. More of the complex tasks of this job would be delivering newborn animals, performing surgery, interpreting x-rays, and many more things that are also too extensive to include. These are just things that involve solving the problems of animals. Most people don’t realize that veterinarians have to attend lectures, conferences, and meetings so they can continue learning about new things they need to preform.

To be a Veterinarian certain qualities are needed to be successful. They are usually natural born qualities. One of the main qualities a Veterinarian needs to have is problem solving. They are faced with new problems every day and they need to use their prior and current knowledg...

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...arians work on finding cures for diseases, new treatments, and more efficient ways to do their job. Schedules for veterinarians are very hectic. They often work long hours starting early in the morning and ending late at night. There will also be emergency calls constantly because people obviously can’t predict when their animals are going to get hurt or sick. The average amount of work is 40 to 50 hours per week.

Now that I have researched this occupation I would be very interested. The idea of traveling different places to work seems like the perfect day. Also the salary and benefits seem like they would be right for me. A lot of the things about this career were pretty predictable except for the education. I didn’t know you needed so much education to be a veterinarian. I really liked researching this job and I can see myself working in this field in my future!

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